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Job Type: Full-time exempt – Paid


The CEO / Executive Director is responsible for managing the non-player staff and finances of the HSO in order to achieve the Association's mission and goals. To that end, the Executive Director is responsible and accountable for implementing the policies set up by the Board. The Executive Director works with the Musical Director/Conductor to assure that preparation for all concerts is done in a timely manner. The Executive Director reports to the President and, in turn, to the Board of Trustees.



• Assists and participates in the development and implementation of the organization's plan that supports the artistic, financial and public relations objectives.

• Assists the Board in developing and implementing current and long-range administrative and personnel planning to ensure that the organization is effectively structured and staffed.

• Keeps abreast of activities and developments in the orchestra field; advises the Board on matters that may be helpful in promoting the HSOA's objectives.

Board of Trustees:

• Advises the Board on matters within the Executive Director's scope of responsibilities to promote the efficient operation of the HSO and the delivery to the public of the services the Association provides.

• Serves as an ex officio member to appointed Board committees.

• Attends all meetings of the Board and Executive Committee. Prepares an agenda and reports as required.


• Assists committee chairpersons in fund-raising activities including annual fund drive, corporate sponsorships, special events, endowment campaigns, and identifying and nurturing of donors.

• Prepares grants or assists with their preparation and ensure that the appropriate reports are completed for foundations, corporations and government agencies.

• Ensures that all contributions and other support are acknowledged, and maintains accurate and complete records of financial contributions, ticket sales, and other financial support events.

Artistic Administration:

• Consults with the Music Director/Conductor for the timely execution of concert repertoire and selection of guest artists and programs.

• Consults with the Music Director/Conductor for negotiating contracts for guest artists within the budget parameters. Arranges transportation and lodging for guest artist and payment of honorarium and of reimbursement for travel.

Concert Production:

• Consults with the Music Director/Conductor to develop an annual master plan for orchestra operations that include rehearsal schedules, local and outreach concerts, program themes and ideas, and special events and directs implementation of master plan.

• In consultation with the Music Director/Conductor, seeks and obtains new opportunities for performances by the orchestra.

• Negotiates and executes leases, and rents other concert space as required for rehearsals and concerts with the approval of the Board.

• Secures required equipment, instruments, licenses and permits.

• Ensures that rehearsals and concerts are organized and properly staffed.

• Ensures that the Production Manager moves instruments and sets the stage as required.

• As often as possible attends rehearsals and attends all concerts.


• Ensures that accurate accounts are maintained, that bills are correct and paid in a timely manner and that bank accounts are accurate and reviewed by the Board.

• Prepares, with the assistance and guidance of the Treasurer, an annual budget and submits to the Board. Monitors and authorizes expenditures in accordance with the approved budget; prepares and updates projections based on actual income and expenses.

• Arranges for presentation of monthly financial statements at Board meetings.

• Requests Treasurer to draw on line of credit for monies as needed with Board approval.

• Ensures that grants are spent in accordance with grant guidelines and that all reporting requirements are met.

Marketing and Promotion:

• Works with the Marketing and Public Relations Committee to develop and implement a marketing plan for subscription campaigns and for individual performances using appropriate advertising and publicity to achieve maximum season and single ticket sales; oversees ticket sales operations.

• Maintains relationships with media contacts; generates feature stories for print and broadcast media about orchestra and its musicians.


• Maintains the HSOA office and acquires appropriate services and business tools that streamline function and increase productivity i.e. internet services, web sites, etc.

• Ensures that documents are maintained according to legal requirements and/or Board procedures.

• Maintains adequate insurance to protect the HSOA's assets/property with approval of the Board .

• In consultation with the Board President, recruits, selects and supervises the administrative staff. Obtains services of interns from local schools and universities. Supervises, disciplines and terminates in accordance with legal requirements and Board policy. Evaluates staff performance as needed but at least annually in writing and for new staff at 3 months and 6 months of their employment. Maintains personnel files to include contacts, job descriptions, resumes/employment forms.

• Ensures that all employer responsibilities are met and that the Association is in compliance with all local, state and federal laws.

• Prepares and revises job descriptions as required for submission to Governance Committee.

• Maintains all time sheets and payroll records for paid staff. Prepares required state and federal IRS forms monthly, quarterly and annually for all paid personnel and musicians.

• Ensures that checks are prepared and mailed to all musicians within 5 working days of concert.

• Speaks on behalf of and represents the HSOA to all appropriate groups, organizations and individuals.


• Assists Personnel Manager and Music Director/Conductor in hiring all musicians. Ensures that a resume for each musician is on file.

• Serves as principal staff liaison to the musicians for policy issues and non-artistic matters. Consult with President and/or Executive Committee regarding issues that require Board intervention.


• Assists with EFFORT program when requested.


• Bachelor's Degree preferably in some field of music or Bachelor's Degree and equivalent major.

• Business/administrative training.


• Minimum of two years administrative/management experience.

• Excellent written and verbal skills.

• Computer skills to include Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, Excel, Internet.

• Excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills

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Huntington Symphony Orchestra
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